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State of the trails and club.

Welcome to what should be another season of great riding. Maybe…

The 6 people that comprise the active club members have spent the last two months of weekends and available weekdays prepping and installing the multi use bridge on Wiggin rd in Loudon. This project is now done.


Nothing has been done to prep the trails or groomers for the upcoming season.

We need help. There is no other way.

Fields need to be marked

Trails need to be walked and cleared.

Sleds need to be gone through

We need to come up with a solution to our recent trail closure on corridor 15 / Wiggin rd / rt 129.

We still have no trail-master for the upcoming season.

The best way to get involved is to come to the meeting on December 10 at green earth Auto rt 28 chichester. 5:30 pm




Trail admin


April meeting

As far as I know, the April meeting will be Sunday April 23 at 5pm. I have not heard if the location is decided yet. It could possibly be a pot luck as well. This will be our annual meeting when we vote on officers.