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Trails update

Gates have been opened on corridor 15 which is still closed at the intersection of rt 129 in Loudon. There is no access to the Sno shakers trails via corridor 15.

Club trail 3 from the town fields to the park is open however the trail is closed from the park to Parker’s restaurant due to multiple trees across the trail which mayNot be cut. The landowner will remove the trees in the next week or so.

Grooming has not started yet. Expect early season conditions, water bars, exposed rock and stumps.

Trails are closed

There is not enough snow. The woods are incredibly wet and mostly bare.

Nick and Bill spent 7 hours clearing corridor 15 today.


Corridor 15 is still cut off at rt 129/ Wiggins rd.

Trail 3 to Pittsfield has active logging and is impassable at this time.

We really need this cold weather to freeze up the trails before we get more snow, luckily this weekend forecast looks good.