Monthly Archives: December 2016

Good News!  Trail 3 is open!

Thanks to the hard work of Marc from Green Earth Auto Service and your ever busy trail master Bill, trail 3 has been conditionally opened. 

These are the conditions-

The landowner may (will) still be driving around with a bulldozer collecting downed trees. Please watch out for him. 

There are a few trees that are still across the trail, but we are temporarily rerouting around them. 

Do not cut anything that “appears” to be laying in the trail, the trail goes around it for now. 

Lastly,  please stay on the trail for your own safety. There are many many hidden stumps and rocks that will destroy your sled and injure you off of the trail. 

Thanks for checking in. 

-The Beavers

Clearing up a little confusion

Ok, a couple of calls needed answering. 

Yes the Soucook river is NOT frozen yet. Do not attempt it, it is not even close to safe. 

Yes, the Bee Hole Beavers trail system is still closed until future notice. There is no where near enough snow out there. 

Yes, trail 3 (our connection with Pittsfield) is closed indefinitely while a landowner deals with some trees   

To sum it up.

Trails are currently CLOSED

There is no way to get north of our system without going through Northwood at the moment. 

This will change when we get some good cold weather and a foot or three of snow. 

A trail update from the NH Sno-Shakers

This is the club directly to our north on corridor 15. This means in order to continue on corridor 15 beyond the Beavers territory you will have to cross the Soucook river, then ride Rt 106 to the race  track. 

Copied from the New Hampshire Sno-Shakers Facebook page-

Before the trails open ,want to let you all know we have 2 trails that will be closed until further notice. the trail from the power lines in the village on the east side of RT. 106 to Currier Road thru Filmores property and out to Clough Hill , and the trail from Shaker Village on the Voted Road to Greenview Drive and out by Kim Beans house both have to be rerouted. We will post any new information as we receive it.